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HJCA Appoints EPSCA Under-9 & Under-11 Team Manager

Team Manager Badge
Team Manager Badge

Hampshire Junior Chess Association is delighted to announce the appointment of FIDE Trainer Lucas Piecha as the EPSCA Under-9 and EPSCA Under-11 Team Manager. Winchester based Lucas adds these Team Manager roles to his Head Coach role and will be a popular appointment.

Lucas Piecha, FIDE Trainer
Lucas Piecha, FIDE Trainer

Lucas will be selecting Hampshire juniors for the March 2020 series of EPSCA matches including the first EPSCA match to be hosted by HJCA in many years !

HJCA would like to thank Ollie Blacklock for his sterling work as the previous Team Manager.

Details of our Team Managers may be found here and details of all HJCA Officers may be found here.

Details of forthcoming matches may be found here.

Results from Hampshire Junior Open Congress

Hampshire Junior Chess Congress 2017
Hampshire Junior Chess Congress 2017

Results from all sections of the 2019 Hampshire Junior Congress available from :


Hampshire Junior Congress 2019
Under 8 06/10/2019
Under 10 06/10/2019
Under 12 06/10/2019
Under 14 06/10/2019
Under 16 & 18 06/10/2019

A big thank-you from all of the team of :

David Follows, Jeremy Douglas, Maha Chandar, David Culliford, Lucas Piecha, Ken Coates, Christine Coates, David Graham, Don S. and John Upham

HJCA Training Day

HJCA has organised (through Ollie Blacklock) a training day on Saturday, June 22nd.

Here are the details :

Hampshire Junior Chess Association welcomes chess players aged 5-16 to attend a Chess Training and Tournament day with Grandmaster Nick Pert
About this Event

The event is designed for players of all abilities, from those who are just starting to learn the rules, to those who already play in tournaments.

To facilitate this, attending players will be split into sections based upon ability. Ability-targeted teaching sessions will be given by Grandmaster Nick Pert, concurrently with section-based tournament rounds.

The day will be structured in a similar way to a normal school day – parents are not required to stay, although there is a separate hall nearby which is available for use as a waiting area, as are several good nearby pubs!

Invitation to Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Jersey and Guernsey Juniors!

The event is for juniors who reside or go to school in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Jersey or Guernsey. Please spread the word about this event – invite friends who are interested in learning about chess!

Date & Venue

The event will be held at Boldre War Memorial Hall, Pilley, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 5QG.

Boldre War Memorial Hall
Boldre War Memorial Hall

Format of the day

Arrival: 9:45
Lunch: 12:00 – 12:30
Finish: 16:30
When players finish each tournament round, they will head for the training room until the round is complete. There will be a ten-minute break at the end of each round, where the children can play outside and stretch their legs. There is a designated playground and playing field where children will be supervised.

What to bring on the day

Bring lunchbox & drink / water.

No mobile phones to be brought into the playing hall or training room, they must be left in bags in the foyer and only used to make calls to family.


The cost for the entire day is £20 per child. This is to cover the cost of the professional coaching, the hall, insurance and training materials.


By signing up for this event, you consent for:

your child(ren) to play in the play park and playing field.
photographs and videos that may include your child(ren) to be captured, stored, and used in future promotional material.
your child’s name, training and game results to be captured and stored for future analysis.
Hampshire Junior Chess Association does not accept liability for loss or damage to items brought to the event.

Results from Winchester College

Results from all sections of the 2018 Hampshire Junior Congress available from :


Hampshire Junior Congress 2018
Under 10 14/10/2018
Under 12 14/10/2018
Under 14 14/10/2018
Under 16 14/10/2018
Under 18 14/10/2018
Under 8 14/10/2018

A big thank-you from all of the team of :

David Follows, Maha Chandar, David Culliford, Ollie Blacklock, Ken Coates, Christine Coates, David Graham and John Upham

Ollie Blacklock : Under 11 Team Manager

Hampshire Junior Chess Association is delighted to announce the appointment of Ollie Blacklock as our Under 11 Team Manager.

Ollie also manages the Under 9 team and the two teams have a large overlap of players.

We wish Ollie all the best in his new role and look forward to his contributions to the fortunes and success of Hampshire Junior Chess Association.

Ollie Blacklock
Ollie Blacklock

Swindon Magic for Hampshire Under-11 Team

Eighteen Under-11 Hampshire chess players braved to the snowy and icy cold winds (mostly North or West) to the superb New College school in Swindon near Brighton and had a great time playing chess against seven other counties which were : Berkshire, Glamorgan, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Surrey (Wey Valley), Sussex and Wiltshire.

Starting out with two players short meant we always lost at least two points per round translating to -6 from three rounds. Despite this handicap the team acheived plus scores in two out of three rounds and finished a very creditable 5th out of eight counties in the first competition for the team in many years.

Winners were Surrey over Sussex on the slimmest of tie-breaks (most wins).

We should have a particularly load shout out for three players who scored 100% (3/3) : Matthew Deacon, James New and Patrick Atkinson.

Andrew Kirby scored a very strong 2.5/3 on board one (top board) to lead the team.

A big thank-you to all the Mums and Dads who transported their children. Thanks to Jocelyn Kirby for her invaluable help.

Detailed results may be seen here.

Here is a photograph of the team :

Hampshire EPSCA Under-11 Team 2018
Hampshire EPSCA Under-11 Team 2018


Recent Equipment Purchase !

Hampshire Junior Chess Association has taken advantage of an excellent offer from the makers of the best digital chess timer, the DGT 2010. DGT via FIDE and then the ECF made available DGT 2010 timers at a knockdown price provided we purchased a bulk quantity. Following the successful Junior Congress in October we were able to purchase twenty DGT 2010s bringing our stock to thirty four (34).

DGT 2010 Chess Timer
DGT 2010 Chess Timer

Hampshire Junior Congress

Here is the entry form — > HJCACongress2017

SCHEDULE: ARRIVE: 9.00, Round 1: 9.30, Round 2: 10.30, Round 3: 11.30, Lunch: 12.30, Round 4: 13.00, Round 5: 14.00, Round 6: 15.00, PRIZEGIVING: 16.10 TIME CONTROL: 25 minutes each for all moves. PRIZES: determined by the entrants’ age on 31st August 2017. Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12: Trophies for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places and the best girl in each age group. Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18: 1st place: £30, 2nd place: £20, 3rd place: £10, best girl: £20 and trophies for the winners in each age group. These are guaranteed prizes. With enough entries, prizes may be increased at the Congress Controller’s discretion. SECTIONS: Age groups will be combined into playing sections and notified before round 1. ENTRY FEES and RULES:  Entry fee for Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12: £10  Entry fee for Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18: £15  Late entry fee for entries received after Tuesday 10th October 2017: £5.00  Congress results will be submitted to the English Chess Federation (ECF) for grading  Entrants must either be a Silver or better ECF member, or pay a Pay-to-Play fee  Bronze ECF members must pay a fee of £7.50 to upgrade from Bronze to Silver  Non ECF members can pay a £3.75 Pay-to-Play fee or apply in writing to the ECF for a free 1 year Silver membership provided they have not been an ECF member before.  Getting sufficient points in the U8, U10 and U12 age groups will enable qualification to the London Junior Chess Championships. See the Information on page 3.
www.hjca.org.uk ENTRY FORM
Please use BLOCK CAPITAL letters to fill in the form
Only one entrant and one on-line payment per form please
FAMILY NAME: _______________________________________________________________
GIVEN NAME: _______________________________________________________________
PAYMENT REFERENCE (17HJC-first 4 characters of family name-first 4 characters of given name like 17HJC-SMIT-JOHN for John Smith): 17HJC- _ _ _ _ – _ _ _ _
ACCOUNT NAME FOR MONEY WINNER CHEQUES: __________________________________
ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________
eMail: _____________________________________________________________________
Telephone / Mobile: __________________________________________________________
DATE of BIRTH: __________________ AGE: _____ MALE or FEMALE (tick): M ___ F ___
SCHOOL and/or CLUB: _________________________________________________________
[For ECF information, put the entrant’s name into the ECF Grading Database, address below]
ECF GRADING CODE: ________________ ECF RAPIDPLAY GRADE: __________
ENTRY FEE (£10 OR £15): £ _________ LATE FEE (£5 if after 10th October 2017): £ _____
BRONZE TO SILVER UPGRADE (£7.50): £ _______ PAY-TO-PLAY FEE (£3.75) £ __________
DONATION: £________
TOTAL £________
I accept the conditions of entry (Parent or Guardian for minors)
Signature ____________________________________________ Date _________________
Entry forms and cheques payable to Hampshire Chess Association should be posted to David Graham, 12 Mallard Close, Kempshott, Basingstoke, Hampshire. RG22 5JP or emailed to davidgrahambcs@yahoo.co.uk . Payment may also be made by bank transfer to Account name: Hampshire Chess Association, Sort Code: 30-93-17, Account No.: 66611460, Payment reference from form above: 17HJC- _ _ _ _ – _ _ _ _ , Bank: Lloyds Bank
www.hjca.org.uk INFORMATION
The College is enclosed and a safe environment for children but announcements will be made at the commencement of the competition.
We are delighted to announce that Chess Grandmaster Nick Pert has agreed to attend. Nick will observe games and provide tips and analyses on the play afterwards.
John Upham will be in attendance and cover the Congress for British Chess News, see below.
Information on forthcoming events will be provided by the above association, Internet address below.
The criteria for qualification for the LJCC finals are:  The qualification score for the Under 8 Final is 4 or more out or 6  The qualification score for the Under 10 Minor Final and Under 12 Minor Final is 3 1⁄2 or 4 out of 6.  The qualification score for the Under 10 Major Final and Under 12 Major Final is 4 1⁄2 or more out of 6.
No photography will be permitted within the playing area during play. The organisers will use an official photographer to take stills and videos for publicity purposes. Please inform the organisers in advance if you wish your child to be excluded from the photographs or videos.
The College Shop in New Hall will be open for most of the day and offers tea, coffee and a selection of savouries.
 Winchester College: www.winchestercollege.org  Hampshire Junior Chess Association (HJCA): www.hjca.org.uk  Hampshire Chess Association (HCA): www.hampshirechess.co.uk  English Chess Federation (ECF): www.englishchess.org.uk  ECF Grading Database: www.ecfgrading.org.uk/new/menu.php  London Junior Chess Championships (LJCC): www.ljcc.co.uk  British Chess News: www.facebook.com/groups/1836475496572167
www.hjca.org.uk LOCATION
The Congress will be held in New Hall, Winchester College, Wharf Hill, Winchester shown in the middle of the right hand side of this map. Access is from the East along Chesil Street and Wharf Hill. Parking will be available in St. Elizabeth’s Mead opposite New Hall. Note that the postcode for the College will take you to the Porter’s Lodge entrance from which there is no vehicular access to Wharf Hill.