Latest news !

HJCA has amassed its own store of equipment stored in various locations around the county. Equipment may be used for HJCA events provided enough time is allowed to collect and return. We are attempting to establish what lives where and who is looking after it !

Here is a recent message from Paul Vanlint :

HJCA Equipment stored at Basingstoke chess club:

15 digital clocks
48 fairly new, good quality rollup chess boards
9 folding boards that are just about ok
18 pretty poor quality folding boards, half are falling apart, but could be repaired
44 sets – Not 100% sure they are all fully complete, but should be close.

There are about 6 more sets that I think are HJCA, but could be Basingstoke

There are also around 20 analogue clocks, some of which are Basingstoke and some are HJCA, that I think are just about ok for accuracy.

I think Alan has some sets, boards and analogue clocks too at Fareham.

Basingstoke club may be able to lend some of their digital clocks for the megafinal, but I am not sure how many of those there are.

We also have 7 pairing boards.

For the kitchen, I have the cash box, a large box of plastic cutlery and a large box of cling film. There should also be some tea towels somewhere, but haven’t found those yet. I have a big bag of teabags, but they are probably a bit stale by now and I don’t think the tub of marmite is good anymore. 🙂